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Howe2 Trees offer a full range of tree services to residential and commercial clients through out the north west of England. Our dedicated team has over ten years’ experience in the industry and deliver a professional and friendly service from start to finish.

Working to the highest industry standards, our fully insured and qualified team can help you with all tree related matters. If you need any help or advice or would like a free, no-obligation quote then call us today.

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Trees grow in many different shapes and sizes, some tall with thin crowns others with several main branches and spreading crowns. Pruning is the removal of parts of the tree, normally branches or shoots but sometimes buds, roots, flowers and fruit. There are many reasons to prune a tree, from maintenance of health and appearance to the control of its size. As experienced arborists, we are able to assess the growth habit of trees by observing its response to the environment and previous pruning and so properly prune even the most unfamiliar of species.
Trees can become too large for their surroundings or unsafe, they can grow into buildings or overhead lines, block views or create unwanted shade. In these situations, we can carry out a crown reduction that can reduce the height and spread of a tree whilst retaining its natural shape and ensuring that there is plenty of leaf area left to maintain healthy growth and defence against disease and decay.
Some lower branches of a tree can obstruct traffic, obscure signs or interfere with buildings. The removal of these branches is known as crown raising. Crown raising causes minimal damage to the health of the tree as long as the limbs removed are not too large.
Crown thinning is the removal of selected branches from the crown of the tree. This practice can be used to reduce shade cast by the crown, increase air movement or reduce the effects of wind on certain branches. In some cases, crown thinning can be used to emphasize the trunk and branches of a tree to increase its aesthetic appearance.
Sometimes, within the trees crown there can be branches that are dead, diseased, dying or are weakly attached. There could be foreign objects or parasitic plants such as mistletoe. Crown cleaning is simply the removal of these branches or objects to create a safe, clean crown.
The word pollard from the French word poil, which means to ‘behead’, it is the practice of pruning the upper branches of a tree to maintain the tree at a smaller height than it would usually grow. Pollarding is repeated on a cycle and has been practiced throughout the world for centuries, it is particularly useful for trees in urban areas where large trees can be pollarded to fit the area and complement the surrounding landscape. Pollarding only works on certain species of tree so ask one of our team if you are unsure.
Coppicing is very similar to pollarding; the trees are cut periodically but are cut at ground level rather than higher on the main stem.
In some cases, pruning a tree may not be practical and it may need to be removed completely. The main reasons for felling a tree are; the tree is dead, diseased or dying and has the potential to cause harm to persons or property or damage to infrastructure. Sometimes trees can not just be straight felled due to lack of room or proximity to buildings or structures, in these cases we would dismantle the tree in sections, often using rigging techniques to bring the tree to ground level safely.
Tree works is not all about pruning branches or felling trees, here at Howe2 we are committed to putting something back. We currently provide planting services in the North West for two large contractors and we always encourage our domestic clients to consider re-planting in the event of tree removal. There are many advantages of having trees in the urban landscape including environmental, visual and even monetary benefits. Our specialised team can advise and help you in all aspects of planting from species selection to planting and aftercare.
When a tree is cut down to ground level, the stump and root system will remain. Some types of tree can re-sprout from the stump and continue to grow again, in these cases we can either treat the stump with herbicide or eco plugs or alternatively, we can grind out the stump to below ground level. Stump grinding is especially useful if the tree has been removed for reasons of landscaping or fencing.
Whether it’s a large conifer hedge or a small garden hedge, we can trim reduce and generally tidy up any hedges, big or small.
Some trees, especially those of veteran or high amenity value can be protected by a TPO (tree preservation order) which is enforced by the local council. It is illegal to proceed with any works to such trees without approval from the local tree officer. We can check if your trees have a TPO and if necessary we can apply to the council for works to these trees. We are fully qualified to undertake tree surveys for planning applications, construction and development, tree risk assessments and health and condition.
We try to ensure that we make use of whatever we take down where ever we can. Where we can we will make habitat piles for local wildlife, but when we have to remove timber from site we split and dry it for two seasons to ensure we have quality hard wood logs available for fire wood. We can provide logs for large commercial clients or small domestic clients, no client too big or too small. In addition to logs for burning we can supply mulch for garden purposes or we can even provide planks of wood using our planking rig.
Howe2 Tree Services
Howe2 Tree Services
Howe2 Tree Services

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Daniel Howe founded Howe2 in 2011 with the aim of providing quality tree work through out the North West. He has since grown the company from his initial two man team to having two fully operational tree teams taking on a range of contracts, both commercial and domestic. His teams include members that have been educated to degree level at Myerscough college and he has also began studying to gain his own degree in the Arboriculture and Urban forestry discipline. Daniel has recently restructured the team at Howe2 and business growth has allowed the team to employ a full time Operations Manager and internally promote two Team Leaders, both of whom are continuing to learn and develop in their roles. You can keep up with all the latest developments and news from Howe2 by visiting their Facebook page via on the link below.

Howe2 Tree Services
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